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"FARB – The Story About A Polyester Soldier (the 3rd (class) passenger)" (2012)
Performance 26 min.

Text by Lilith Performance Studio

'The reality moves into Lilith Performance Studio with an exclusive intimate performance, where only two people at a time can take part in from the back seat of a car.

The performance – FARB – The Story About A Polyester Soldier (the 3rd (class) passenger) is a living movie scene that the viewer moves through and becomes part of.

The scene is partly based on fiction taken from the visual arts, literature and film, but also a true story, a private experience, once told to the artist Henrik Lund Jørgensen.
 In the performance the main character is present, and the experience reconstructed to serve as the main emphasis of Henrik Lund Jørgensen’s latest work.

The piece highlights the everyday synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term that stands for an observable meaningful coincidence with no causal connection. One can experience two incidents, which have no connection physically as if they are meaningfully linked to each other. 
Coincidences that is so strong that you believe that higher forces can be in play.'

Extract from the film Gelwane showed in the performance
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