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Friends He Lost At Sea (2008)
Video 10.58 Min.

Text by Robert Storr

...The video is set in two locations. First comes the dark, elegantly appointed galleries of an old museum where the camera discovers a young man of our day alone with heavily framed paintings of a bygone era. Second is a sandy beach buffeted by winds and waves where a group of men beside a small craft point toward the water, presumably awaiting the arrival of another vessel. But for their apparel and telltale anomalies in their features the group might resemble the sailors and fishermen who appear in seascapes on the museum's walls, notably those of Michael Anchers (1849-1927), who, as a leading member of the Skagenartist colony, was one of the most widely known Danish artists of his time. In works such as Will He Round The Point ? (1879) and The Crew Is Saved (1894) upon witch the nautical vignette in Jørgensen's video is recognizably based, Ancher's subjects the rescue of beleaguered seafarers...

Extract from the video Friends He Lost at Sea
Installation view at Vandalorum (Värnamo, Sweden), Galleri Box (Gothenburg, Sweden) and Scandinavian House (New York, USA)
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