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The Recruitment And Escape Of A Plastic Soldier 

Video 12 min. (2015)

In «The Recruitment (And Escape) Of A Plastic Soldier», Henrik Lund Jørgensen makes explicit reference to the films of the Danish film director Carl Th. Dreyer. All the images are composed using scenes from Dreyer’s films: «Leaves from Satan’s Book», «Vampyr», «Day of Wrath» and «The Word», all based upon strict golden ratio compositions. Additionally, Lund Jørgensen instructed his cast to perform simple actions so that their acting was minimised. As a result, the actors perform a version of themselves and reenact their own characters.

The work examines what a real exodus looks like, how it is described in literature and film, and how it is repeated in the news like a single track. However, «The Recruitment (And Escape) Of A Plastic Soldier» tries to skew the understanding of an exodus, by obscuring from whom, what and where people are fleeing. Henrik Lund Jørgensen’s systematic use of image and action makes us question the repeated media representation of both contemporary and historical emigrations.

Installation view at Vandalorum, picture 1 and 2 (Värnamo, Sweden), Maxforum (Munich, Germany) And Mira Forum (Porto, Portugal)
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